Internship School

Sl. No. Name of the School Location



Management Type Total No of Students in the School Distance from the TEI Name of Students Tears deputed for Internship
01 Government Middle School, Jamuawan Rural Government 800 14 K.M. 50 P.A.
02 High School, Karisoba Rural Private 1100 13 K.M. 50 P.A
03 Government Middle School, Tetaroo Rural Government 650 3 K.M. 50 P.A.
04 Government High School, Kajoor Rural Government 1200 4 K.M. 50 P.A.
  • Details of Academic Programmes like Conference, Seminars,  Workshops, Training Progremmes Organized, during the previous  academic Session : –
  • Conference: The ‘’History of Buddha’’ in collaboration with the  Department of Buddhism, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya.
  • Seminar and Workshop: The Education system of Enlightment and  salvation during the Budha period with the          Guidance of the research scholars of the department of Buddhism, Magadh University.
  • Details of events/celebrations organized during the previous academic session: 15th August and 26th January Independent day and Republic Day Celebration.