Land & Building Details

Campus and Infrastructure

  • Available Land area in square Meters : 500 Sq. M out of 3.51 Acres
  • Whether the available land is on : Lease basis – 3.51 Acres through lease deed vide registered , deed No. 8096, dated:-20/05/2015
  • Owner ship basis : 1.5 Acres in ownership.
  • Built –up area in square meters : 5500 Square Meter.
  • In case of multi –storey Building built up square meters on each floor
Sl. No. Floor Bilt-up area in Square Meter
1 Ground Floor 1750 Sq. m.
2 First Floor 11750 sq.m out of another Buiding already constructed 5000  sq.m
3 Second Floor
4 Third Floor
5 Fourth Floor
Total Area  27172.18 Square Meter with first Floor
  • Mention if fire safety equipment has been installed : Yes

If yes, mention if the same are installed as per Building Bye Laws : Yes

  • Mention the facilities available for differently abled persons
  • Handicaped / Divayang Chair
  • Divung Desk and Bench.
  • Mention , if Hostel facilities are available if Yes: No
  • Mention if separate facilities are available for female students: Yes
  • Mention the number of Male and/ or Female students for whom facilities are available :  Male Students    : 5  Female Students : 50
  • (I) The information regarding the available infrastructure be provided in the following Table:
Sl. No. Infrastructure Whether available: Yes/No Size in sq. feet
  a) i) Classroom 1
ii) Classroom 2
iii) Class 3
iv) Classroom 4
v) Classroom 5
vi) Classroom 6
vii) Tutorial Room-I
viii) Tutorial Room-II
1425.14 Sq. Feet
1425.14 Sq. Feet
1425.14 Sq. Feet
1693.34 Sq. Feet
1693.34 Sq. Feet
1693.34 Sq. Feet
927.85 Sq. Feet
927.85 Sq. Feet
  b) Multipurpose Hall
Multipurpose Room
2524.35 Sq. Feet
2352.13 Sq. Feet
  c) Library- cum-Reading Room Yes 3600.74 Sq. Feet
  d) ICT Resource Centre Yes 111.53 Sq. Feet
  e) i) Science Lab1
ii) Science Lab2
iii) Psychology Lab
iv) Education Technology (ET)/ICT Lab
v) Computer Lab/Centre
1200.39 Sq. Feet
1200.39 Sq. Feet
1106.96 Sq. Feet
2404.66 Sq. Feet2693.13.39 Sq. Feet
  f) i) Art & Resource Centre
ii) Music room



3450.91 Sq. Feet

1730.84 Sq. Feet

  g) Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) Room Yes 1939.66 Sq. Feet
  h) i) Play Ground Yes 17388.02 Sq. Feet

G (II) whether following facilities are available in the Institution:


Principal’s Office Yes 468.23 Sq. Feet
  b) Staff Rooms Yes 4542.35 Sq. Feet
  c) Administrative Office Yes

3193.86 Sq. Feet

  d) Reception Yes 1298.13 Sq. Feet
  e) i) Girls Common Room
ii) Boys Common Room
1575.84 Sq. Feet
4904.68 Sq. Feet
  f) Conference Hall Yes 4677.13 Sq. Feet
  g) Canteen Yes 1941.81 Sq. Feet
  h) Toilet
i) Male – 3
ii) Female – 3
344.88 Sq. Feet
344.88 Sq. Feet
​  i) Separate Toilet Facility for Staff-2 Yes 229.92 Sq. Feet
  j) Separate Toilet facility for different able persons-2 Yes 229.92 Sq. Feet
  k) Parking Space Yes 7328.07 Sq. Feet
  l) Sports Room Yes 3022.51 Sq. Feet
  m) Store Room Yes 1367.12 Sq. Feet