Announce for information to all (NEW)

Announce for information to all (NEW)Monday, December 23rd 2013

GAYA is a place of Enlightment and Salvation where Maha Bodhi Teachers Training College exists in the pollution free Natural place surrounded by Mountains and hot springs proudly announce for information to all.

The Magadh University at Bodh Gaya after proper verification and measuring all aspects declared 7 (seven) B.Ed. colleges as perfect, genuine and plain speaking of the best quality of Education act of 50 (fifty) B.Ed. colleges under the university.

“Prabhat Khabar” the leading Hindi News paper of Eastern India reported that only students admitted in these 7 (seven) colleges shall be allowed to appear in the University Examination debarring others who have been declared unfit and not genuine.

“MAHABODHI TEACHERS TRAINING COLLEGE” at Tapowan, Gaya appears in the list of 7 (seven) genuine colleges under the Magadh University as notified by the Magadh University.

Maha Bodhi Teachers Training College is only one result oriented B.Ed. college in India whose Examinees have been declared 100 % passed with distinctions to all in the session 2012-2013.

Congratulations to all of the Examinees for their best performance in the university Examination 2013. The students of sessions 2013-2014 are directed to maintain the quality of Education for their next Examinations.

The Paper cutting of “Prabhat Khabar” dated 20-12-2013 is as shown below :

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Prabhat Khabar.jpg


Maha Bodhi Teachers Training College, Tapowan

Path of Budha, P.O.- Tetar

Gaya, Bihar – 823311