Staff member

Teaching and Non Teaching staff

No. of staff members in position at the time of commencement of the current session:

  • Principal/HOD                            : 01
  • Academic Staff                 
  • Professor                                 : 03
  • Associate Professor/Reader    : 04
  • Associate Professor/Lecturer  : 03
  • Any Other                              : 01
  • Total Academic Staff             : 11
  • Total Administrative, Technical and Professional staff            : 08

 No. of vacant positions as on the date of last revision of Website:

Sl. No.

Academic Position

No. of. Vacant Positions

Other staff

No. of Vacant Position



No Vacent Position

Administrative Staff

Not Vacant



No Vacent Position

Technical Staff

Not Vacant


Associate Professor/Reader

No Vacent Position

Professional Staff

Not Vacant


Associate Professor/Lecturer

No Vacent Position



Number of Academic and other staff recruited during the Current Session

  • Academic        : 03
  • Others             :00

Number of Academic and other Staff who left the Institution during the current session (2016-17)

  • Academic:  00
  • Other       : 00

The List of staff be provided in Tabular Form given Below:

  • Academic Staff as on  22/07/2016
  • Administrative, Professional and Technical Staffs as on 22/07/2016